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A company is only as good as its people. Humans evolve and adapt. Seeing the value in process dependent options, companies now scale up their operations seamlessly without getting bogged down by complexities involved in handling people and also coast through constant changes in statutes and compliance. Combine that with reasonable costs and superior data security, it is like food from the heavens.

Professional Employer Organisation (PEO)

Imagine this. Your organisation has a business entity here in India but want to offload all your hassles of HR & Compliance management across the country. You’re probably worried sick thinking of the complexities and issues you’ll have to face.

Happyman can be the co-employer of your employees handling their payroll, relieving your organisation of any compliance complexities including risk mitigation.

Employer of Record (EOR)

Agent of Record


Let's say your organisation is looking at expansion in India.  What’s probably stopping you from going ahead is the lengthy process of setting up a new entity. Hiring, compliance, operational hassles - you’re already getting a migraine!

Happyman can be your reliable Employer of Record. The resources are hired here and kept on our payrolls as a co-employer. We’ll take care of all things compliance and employee management. You can look after the reporting and work deliverables. And Happyman will take care of all the operational hassles of employees.

If your organisation is looking to hire independent contractor, we can also be your Agent of Record in India handling their compliances, benefit administration etc.

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