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The complexities of HR as a department has gone ballistic. For firms, it’s a struggle being people dependent and operations go for a toss when key resources leave for finer pastures. Why? The grass is always green on the other side. HR heads are struggling with operational routines unable to focus on their core HR competencies.

Our team of HR professionals utilise the power of technology in simplifying processes. They are experts in handling the entire gamut of Human Resource management. When you decide that someone else needs to take on the headache of HR management, Happyman is the one to call upon. Assured you’ll get the best resources to handle your in-house HR operations, acting as a catalyst for your growth and allowing you to focus where it matters. With a consulting mindset, we’ll listen to your HR problems and we’ll customise the solution.



- Across industries such as IT, Manufacturing, Retail, Pharma, FMCG, Banking, Finance and across all levels.


- Payroll processing

- HR Compliance Management - from registrations to annual filings

- Factories & Establishment compliance -- from registrations to annual filings

- Contract Labour Compliance -- from registrations to annual filings

- Performance Management

- Induction training for new joinees with respect to company value system, work ethics, code of conduct

- Behavioural and attitudinal training

- Soft skills training

- POSH and Sensitivity training


Compliance management: All business entities whether big or small has to comply to statutory labor regulations and practices. This is not optional as it is mandatory on the part of employers to comply with applicable existing labor laws and statutes.
Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining: This helps smoothen employer and employee relationship. It is an essential component of labor administration which involves procedures to be adhered to, which translates into delivering robust organizational performance. Not all HR professionals are IR professionals. Our services would supplement your internal resources and help you in triggering positive organizational performance without labor unrest.
Domestic Enquiry/Disciplinary Proceedings and  Standing Orders: Domestic enquiry is a procedure adhered to in tune with the rules stipulated under the certified Standing Orders of a company for trying an employee who is charged with misconduct/act of indiscipline. The whole process is bound by principles of natural justice. If not adhered to in line with statute, it culminates in Industrial Disputes. We give you the expert solutions to prevent, manage and avoid  such disputes and litigation.
Standing Orders and Policy Manuals: We assist you with consultations related to getting Standing Orders prepared and certified. We also assist you in formulating HR policies and manuals, employment contracts etc. in tune with your requirements.
SA 8000 (Social Accountability): We enable readiness to face the audit which ensures that proper social accountability standards are met when bidding for international contracts and expanding locally. We also ensure a consistent and constant SA compliance across all points of your supply chain needed for sustained client relationship.


- HR Process audits (in line with ISO /EMS certification)

- Payroll Compliance Audit

- Establishment and Factory Compliance Audit

- Labour Compliance Audit

- Audit for compliance in tune with special customer requirement in line with ILO conventions

- Employee Satisfaction Surveys

- Grievance Redressal Survey etc.

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