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Think of a scenario where your organisation is based outside India and you’re looking to outsource your business processes such as Finance, HR, IT, Data entry, Customer support etc to India. You’re probably thinking of the many hoops to jump through before the word go.

Happyman helps you scale your business faster by hiring industry specific offshore remote teams cohesively working with your internal teams. With a significant cost reduction, you save on manpower, infrastructure and management.

As your strategic partner of choice in India for all things business and HR and everything in between, we will take the headache out of managing business processes and let companies gain the competitive edge. The result is happiness all around. From the top all the way down to the balance sheet.

Image by Roman Shilin

Here are the benefits of outsourcing to us

The benefit of cost savings

Compared locally, India's lower manpower costs enable savings.

The benefit of access to top talent 

The Indian talent diaspora commands not just higher technical competencies but also a high zeal to contribute to organisational goals.

The benefit of greater operational flexibility

Ease of scaling and descaling operations make it inviting enough. The task of ramping up infrastructure and resources are quite easy.

The benefit of engagement & pricing models

Pricing models depend on attributes like type of project, budget predictability, scope flexibility, fixed price, time and material or dedicated team engagement models. You have the option to chose from models that suits you best.

The benefit of the time zone

Outsourcing back office processes to India is like making your office work 24/7. The time zone difference enables companies to accomplish a lot more in a normal day than getting their work done locally.

The benefit of process management
and improvement

We follow strict protocols which define our process workflow based on our clients requirements.

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