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Organisational effectiveness and the significance of OD intervention

Companies soar high and become great companies. Leaving one to wonder how they transitioned and metamorphosed. Good performing companies also at times come to a standstill or signs of degenerating becomes visible. Also leaving one to wonder how. Leave alone moving from good to great, for such companies prevention is often considered the ideal cure and to sustain in business. Most companies fail to invest in the preventional aspects. This makes the situation  at hand go a little out of control and in due course spiral up to newer levels creating a situation of unfavourable atmosphere, psychological threat, insecurities and breakdown and systems failure which impacts the organizational effectiveness and questioning sustenance of business.


The cropping and popping of problems visible on the surface level could be due to business acumen / model, work culture, conflict management,  process, knowledge, skill, will to change, technology, appraisal, career path and development, high attrition, top talent retention and the list goes on. To sum up, the problems are due to people, process, finance, technology and last, but not the least the will not to change and adapt to circumstances - both internal and external. 

The current levels of economic slowdown and its impact on the organizations, loss of employment, job insecurity, dent in the job market, running a lean and mean organization, highly competitive market .... takes a toll on the way an organization is managed. The emotional and humane aspects take a back seat. Aggressive management style takes the front seat, resulting in employees thrown out of employment overnight. There is a call out to those management to change the way things are done, change the way employees are sent out of employment and handle it in a humane manner.

Companies have become good to great, they form the Fortune 500, have grown exponentially over the years who started from scratch because they adopted change in people, process, technology and other internal and external factors. They changed and not perished by adopting od intervention strategies. If change is not embraced, perishing is not far behind.

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