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In case you're wondering if it is millennial-speak for Hurray, it's not.

That’s what we started as, in 2006. Orah Consulting Services. A company dedicated to providing HR consultation to start-ups, SMEs, and Corporates discussing jobs, KRA analysis, determining setting up costs and recruiting employees. We also offered different kinds of staffing solutions like direct recruitment and on-premise options as well as contract staffing.

Since then, the complexities of HR as a department has gone ballistic. For firms, it’s a struggle being people dependant and operations go for a toss when key resources leave for finer pastures. Why? The grass is always green on the other side. The HR heads were struggling with operational routines unable to focus on their core HR competencies. For larger firms this wasn’t much of an issue, probably. But for start-ups and SMEs, this was more of a ‘Houston-we-have-a-problem’ scenario.

A company is only as good as its people. Humans evolve and adapt. We restructured to offer total HR outsourcing as a solution. When the shift happened, start-ups and mid sized companies saw the value in process-dependant options. They could now scale up their operations seamlessly without getting bogged down by complexities involved in handling people and also coast through constant changes in statutes and compliances. Combine that with reasonable costs and superior data security, it was like food from the heavens.

(Imagine that on a Happiness Meter. The needle would be off the charts!)

It dawned on us that happiness in achieving the crucial shift actually contributes to the bottom line. For a start-up, especially, every bit helps!

And voila. We rebranded as Happyman. What else would you call a bunch of gung-ho people on a mission to create happiness for companies that translates into profits!

Our team of HR professionals utilise the power of technology in simplifying processes. They are experts in handling the entire gamut of Human Resource management. When you decide that someone else needs to take on the headache of HR management, Happyman is the one to call upon. Assured you’ll get the best resources to handle your in-house HR operations, acting as a catalyst for your growth and allowing you to focus where it matters. With a consulting mindset, we’ll listen to your HR problems and we’ll customise the solution.

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